I started this in the beginning of 2008 (but started this website/blog in 2011), and started small, with just my own personal XBox360 Games… Just wanted to sell my games on Craigslist, but got many offers for trades… So noticed that there’s people out there, just like me, who want better prices for used games, and their own Trade-In Games… Now, it has expanded to what you see now, not just Video Games but all kinds of Electronics… Here, I don’t really worry about how much money I make… I am only an Independant Entrepreneur, and more worried about supplying/purchasing items at prices that seem fair to both parties… Other stores will buy your games/items for ridiculously low prices, and turn around and sell them for maximum profit… Here, I treat everyone the same, and give the same deals to everyone… I am here, attempting to provide the best, and most fair, business available… And so far, it’s been going well…

I am located in South Sacramento, CA, but also mobile… I started here in Sacramento (mostly on Craigslist), but soon expanded to SF/Bay Area too, making Weekend trips out there… I even list more items on eBay now, so ship domestically and even internationally… So if you’re not in the Sacramento or Bay Area, we still may be able to work something out, as long as you have a paypal account… Just let me know which item(s) you’re interested in, and I can send you a payment request through paypal… That way, both buyer and seller are protected…

Please submit a comment, if you are pleased/satisfied with a transaction or service… And others, check the comments for feedback… I just get my stuff at random, but if you’re looking for something I don’t currently have, I can try to track down that item for you… So you can message me your requests too…

Email – conceptjay@yahoo.com
Email – thesoleconcept@gmail.com
Yahoo Chat – conceptjay
XBox Live – conceptjay
Gmail Chat – conceptjay4
eBay – conceptelectronics916
Instagram – thesoleconcept
Kixify – conceptjay

09/30/11   –   “Nice site. Been following you on CL & MySpace for a while =)”
12/01/11   –   “Great website!”
12/09/11   –   “Really rad NEW SITE!! I’m super into it.”
12/18/11   –   “Just wanted to say thanks for doing business. You’re a legit guy doing legit deals, and my wife & I can appreciate that very much. I’ll be putting a good word out with your business and look forward to future purchases. Thanks again.”
12/20/11   –   “First of all, nice website… Well done.”
04/17/12   –   “Love your site. I always love to see people go out of the box and sell good stuff at good prices.”
01/19/13   –   “I like your business concept you have going on, so ill save your email in case I have some future trades i’d be interested in.”
01/22/13   –   “Thanks, and you put your website together very nicely.”
04/03/13   –   “Holy Hell, you are like a God of Electronics, NICE GOING!! I can see you have a plethora of stuff, and I hate how retail rips everyone off!!”
07/20/13   –   “This is a great website!! Showed it 2 my friends.”
03/12/14   –   “I took a look at it (website), and was very impressed with how organized it is.”